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Why is Web-Based Software the future?

Brian Petti, Cleveland Website Designer

There are many types of software designed these days thanks to the advent of modern technology. Web-based software is one such category that has nearly eclipsed the traditional software that many people are used to. As a matter of fact, web-based software and cloud storage is the future. Unfortunately, some people still doubt whether the new generation of software programs can live up to the expectations of the masses. This article touches on a few reasons why web-based software is the best choice for growing businesses.

First and foremost, you need to understand that web-based software is only used over the internet. It is more modernized than the traditional software used in the past decades. There are no downloads or installations. Many people are concerned that web-based software programs are insecure. To the contrary, this software is very safe and secure as long as the developer programs the site properly, taking advantage features such as SSL encryptiondata hashing, and  scripts to prevent a cross-site scripting attacks (XSS) and SQL injection.

Most website hosts come with servers that have daily and hourly backups to retrieve information in case it gets lost or damaged as well as redundant drives. In most cases, your data will even be stored in two or more physical locations, in case mother nature plays a role. Web-based software also does not require the user to store the data on their personal computer. Having data stored on your computer with traditional software means there is a chance for your computer crashing and loosing data. Not to mention, if something like a fire or flood should occur in your office or home, you data would be lost forever. Web-based software solves this.

As long as your device can access the Internet, web-based software is compatible making it easy to communicate under the online platforms. It can be a Smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet. Information is always available on the go making it an effective and preferable channel of communication in big companies. Web-based software can be used anywhere and at any given time whether on the road or in the middle of the night.

In a nutshell, web-based software is the future of businesses in the modern world. Contact us today for a free quote to develop you next web-based app.