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Why Adding and/or Updating a Blog is so Important

Brian Petti, Cleveland Website Designer

In todays world of online marketing, content is very important. Great content can establish your company as a leader within an industry, build reputable links to your website, and gain followers and fans through social media.

Over the past few years, Google has made some drastic updates to their algorithm that has affected many websites. These two main updates, named Panda and Penguin, targeted onsite content within websites and links pointing to websites. Now, website owners that try and cut corners by building low quality pages or low quality links to their websites are negatively affected.

Updating the blog on your website (or adding a blog if you dont have one), enables you to push out high quality, relevant content on a regular basis. This is advantageous in many different ways. Here is a rundown of some major reasons this can give you a step up on your competition.

  1. Gives you great content to push out through social channels. Social media has been said to be the new form of link building by many experts. Links pointing back to your website are still very important, but getting those links is much more difficult than it has been in the past. When you are able to consistently give fans, followers, and other industry experts informative, interesting content, you can not only build up your brand and reputation, but you can also build links when people refer to those posts on their blogs or social channels.
  2. Expands your reach in Googles IndexWhen you put out new content that relates to newsworthy stories or that contain longtail keywords you are targeting, Google will index that page, and that page may start appearing in searches around those terms. Do this enough, and your website is now ranking for more keyword searches than it has in the past. More traffic to your website generally means more revenue.
  3. Builds your brand and reputationAs stated earlier, creating this type of content is crucial in building your brand and your companys reputation. This can establish your company as an expert in the industry, and people may begin to reach out to you when they have a question. It also may lead to important business or networking connections.
  4. Great way to build authorityWhen Google evaluates your companys website, you want to have an abundance of unique, relevant pages. Great blog posts will show Google that your website is very useful to people and should be considered to rank for many different terms.

Blogging and content are very important for a number of reasons, especially in todays online world. Be sure to update your blog at least a few times a week, and if you dont have one, consider getting a blog added to your website. If your customers are pushing out great content and youre not, you may be losing out on market share and new customers.