Our photography services are shot specifically for your website to build trust and increase sales.


When your customers come to visit your website, they want as much information as possible before they make the commitment.

And can you blame them? They are buying your product or service, and they want to make sure that it is money well spent. Imagine going to buy a product on Amazon, and there are no images of what you are about to order.

That’s what your potential customers are facing if you have no images or poor images on your website about what your business does.

Orchard Designs is dedicated to helping your business build an optimized website that gives your customers everything they need to sell themselves. In order to achieve this, your website needs to have a showcase that provides your potential customers with an inside look of how you provide benefits every single day.

Small Business Photography Services

Adding pictures of your staff and your work builds trust and knowledge for your potential customers, which leads to more sales. Photos are also very easy to implement on to a website, and they can be easily found by viewers. Because of these benefits and the simplicity of them, adding photographs to your website can improve your bottom line, as well as improving the viewer experience on your website.

Here are a few commerical photography services we can provide for your website:

  • Product Photography: Giving your potential customers high-quality pictures of the product they are considering greatly increases the chances of you getting the sale. It builds trust and assurance for your viewers, and allows you to show the benefits it can provide to them. We can take high-quality photos of your product that are meant to impress your potential customers, and show them why they need your product.
  • Building Photography: Showcasing the building of your business gives your customers an idea of where you are located, and helps to assure them that you are a real business. Businesses that have buildings often carry a position of power, since it shows viewers that your work is not just meant as a hobby. We can take high-quality photos of your building to give viewers a sneak-peek as to how your business operates, and how serious you take your product or service.
  • On-The-Job Photography: Photos that showcase your work in real-time are extremely powerful, as they allow your potential customer to see exactly how you get the job done, how effective you are, and what the end result looks like. These pictures place a guarantee in their minds that you get the job done the right way, which will make them sell themselves. Orchard Designs can take professional photos that showcase all aspects of your projects, from beginning to completion.
  • Professional Headshots: Businesses are built on developing relationships with clients and customers. If your customers do not feel a sense of human interaction, then it can never begin. Because of this, it is extremely important that your website gives your viewers a look at who is behind the work that provides them benefits. We take professional photos that can be displayed on your website to help show your viewers exactly who they are putting their trust in.
  • Retouching Services: If you have already taken photos of any aspect of your business, we can edit them to make them look professional. Professional photos are extremely important to any business, due to the attention to detail that they capture. While devices like phones can take good pictures now, they still are not at the professional level. We can transform them from a good photo, to a professional-grade photo.

Ready To Upgrade Your Website?

We are dedicated to ensuring that your website is the absolute best in your field, and we understand the impact it can have on your business. If you are ready to experience an increase in sales and lead generation from the simple addition of professional-grade videos and photos to your website, contact us today. We look forward to showing your viewers exactly what benefits you can provide for them!