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On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Brian Petti, Cleveland Website Designer

People view websites in an aesthetic way, where design, colors, and flashy videos help create visitors into customers. This is very important, but it is not how Google “sees” a website entirely. Google interprets your website in an entirely different way, and this is the main reason you should always hire a web developer that understands on site search engine optimization.

Many case studies have been completed where the smallest changes in a website’s design leads to big jumps in rankings and sales. Tweaks in meta descriptions, title tags, or headlines, for example, can really make a difference in rankings.

  • You have no website – On-Page search engine optimization should be taken into the beginning of the design process. By spending more money and time in designing a website the right way will drastically benefit your business in the long run. Just because your website is flashy and looks “awesome” doesn’t mean that Google views it that way. Hire a web design company that has experience in SEO. Make sure they take their time in finding the right keywords for your business and then build content around them. Also, check the developer’s testimonials to be sure that they do great work.
  • But I already have a website – There are many small tweaks that can be done to a website to really improve its rankings. Optimized content, internal linking, keywords in the titles and metas, image ALT tags, and navigation are just a few thing to look at. It goes much deeper than that unfortunately. That is while if you are unfamiliar with search engine optimization, you should contact a local SEO firm or web developer with SEO knowledge to get your website on track to higher rankings in Google.

It would take pages and pages of writing to list all of the different aspects of a website to look at when referring to on site search engine optimization. Also, each website needs to be done on a case by case basis. Websites are written in different code types and also geared towards different visitors. The best SEO is done when design and functionality meets the correct standards set by Google.

Lastly, Google is also upgrading and changing its search algorithm. Be sure to find a trustworthy Cleveland SEO company, such as Orchard Designs, to work with that has knowledge of the industry. The smallest change can lead to big gains or losses in rankings for your business’s website.