You are missing out on huge opportunities if your website is not your best sales person! You need a website that is visually appealing, easy to use, establishes trust, creates a personal connection, and has clear calls to action.

If you want more customers, get your business online and get in their face!
We Can Help Your Business Grow

The main reason to have a website is to create a 24/7 sales staff that attract new leads, promotes your products and services, and makes sales! Our websites are specifically tailored to appeal to your audience and entice them to buy. If you want to start selling online or want to increase sales from your website, contact us today.

Responsive Websites Are Essential in Improving Online Sales

We are experts in creating websites for all screens and devices. It seems like every day is a new mobile device is being launched in the market, so how can someone create a website that works on everything? The answer to that is responsive frameworks. These websites expand and contract based on the size of the screen of your device. Have you been to a website on your mobile phone and had trouble viewing the content? What happens? You probably left the site and went to their competitor to find what you were looking for. You definitely don’t want that to happen to your traffic because you’ll lose sales to your competition! Ask us about creating a responsive website for your business today.

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How We Build Websites That Attract Leads

Here at Orchard Designs, a top rated Cleveland web design company, we focus on building beautiful and effective websites by completely customizing the design and development. We do NOT use templates. Your business is unique, and a great website reflects that. Our website designs are specifically tailored to appeal to your audience. We use sales-driven tactics such as subliminal suggestions, removal of choice paralysis, the Gutenberg rule of reading gravity, and our favorite and most used, the A.I.D.A. approach (ATTENTION, INTEREST, DESIRE, & ACTION).

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What You Can Expect in The Process

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So, what goes into developing and designing a custom website that can close sales for you? Here are some of the features we focus on to ensure your website is optimized for conversions:

  • Custom Development & Design: Before we begin to put on all of the bells & whistles, our first promise to you is that we ensure a 100% original design for your brand. You will not find any template work here like other web design companies. We make sure your website is appealing to both you and your customers, and then begin to put together the content.
  • Give Them A Map: When you want to build a website, each page should have a specific goal. What is the first thing you want your customer to do when they land on your website? Introduce them to your product? Capture their email? Get them on the phone? Whatever the goal is for each part of your website, your pages need to reflect that. We will design an optimized website that will guide your users to EXACTLY where you want them to go, instead of letting them decide.
  • Easy-To-Use Navigation: Trying to be fancy or clever with words here will simply cause you to lose potential customers. Remember, you want to guide your viewers through your website. That means that nothing should be left to interpretation. We build websites that tell each viewer exactly what to expect on each page, so they know where to go next.
  • Responsive Design That Works For Mobile: The most recent data shows that around 60% of internet activity comes from phones, and search engines are now penalizing websites that are not optimized for mobile. We want to make sure we can put your business in front of your customers’ faces, so we ensure that your website can be easily used and is easy on the eyes for every screen size.
  • Content Creation & Marketing: One of the most proven ways to make your website successful is to consistently put out high-quality content that provides benefits to your readers. If your content is not solving any problems for them, then they won’t think your business can solve their problem. We work with our clients to ensure that all of the content on your website is optimized with clear calls to action, as well as building your audience by getting your content out to them.

Let Us Give You a Free Quote With No Obligations

We would love the opportunity to quote you on your next web design project. Please contact us today so we can give you a detailed proposal. If you already have a quote from another Cleveland, Ohio based website design company or marketing agency and would like us to review it and see if we can beat the price, please feel free to let us know. We are happy to provide second opinions and give you a price saving alternative.