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Basic Video SEO Tips

Brian Petti, Cleveland Website Designer

Web videos are similar to websites regarding SEO techniques. These techniques can improve both views of the video as well as increase traffic to the website the video is placed on.

People use videos as a tool to brand their company, show their new products, and to tell visitors why they should become customers or regular viewers of the website. Here are a few simple SEO tips to follow to get the most out of your online videos.

Content is King – You may have heard this phrase relating to websites. Basically it means that great, unique content is the key to making an impact online. This applies to videos too. A video that is poorly shot or produced may hurt your company’s reputation and your website’s conversions more than help it. In regards to video, be sure to start with unique and relative content. The video should be closely related to the keywords or themes you want to impact. Without great content, there is no sense on moving forward with other aspect of video SEO.

Post your video on sharing sites – If you are hosting you video yourself, make sure to post your videos on social sites such as YouTube. People are using YouTube as a search engine more than ever. These people are going to YouTube to find information rather than just watching the newest funny videos. By placing you video on sites such as YouTube, you will get many more views and be able to spread the word about your website. If you are not hosting the video yourself, let YouTube host it and embed the link where you want it on your website.

Optimize your video – After you place your video on YouTube, you are going to want to optimize it. This will make it easier for the search engines to find and show your video in search results. You should begin with the title, meta tags, and the description. Include the keywords you want to rank for.

Be sure and remember that people searching on YouTube use different keyword phrases compared to when they search on Google. Do your research so you can take advantage of these phrases and get your video in front of as many people as possible.

Video SEO is much more than just these three steps, but they are some of the more important things to take care of. Once you get comfortable with these initial steps, do some research or contact a local web design company or SEO company to finish the more advanced tasks of video SEO.